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May 21-June 20

The dark side of

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Take Heart, Take every one



Element : Air: Gemini air is like a pesky breeze on a day at the beach. It makes you squint, so you don’t get a clear picture of what’s happening around you.


Quality: Mutable. Gemini is the human version oft he revolving door.


Symbol: The Twins. Double-trouble, double-talk, double life, double-cross


Ruler: Mercury, the god of mischief and deceit


Favorite pastime:  jumping to the wrong conclusion 


Favorite book:  how to get anyone to agree to anything 


Role model : The tasmanian devil 


Dream jobs : Gossip columnist


Key phrase : Because I want to 


Body part : Fingers, usually broken  from wagging them in other people’s face 




'I wouldn't be caught dead marrying a woman old enough to be my wife.' Tony Curtis (Born June 3)




He is simply irresistible. The Gemini man is a fun-loving, independent, roguish romantic who has a doctorate in flirting. He can cook an exotic dinner. Then dance with you in the starlight, point out the constellations, and capture your heart with his beautiful version of their myths. But don't invite the wedding guests yet. While you are mentally compiling the guest list, he will excuse himself to get you a fresh glass of chilled wine, and while in the kitchen, manage to phone three other girls for dates next weekend. The only thing this schmoozing, womanising, party animal is interested in is adding your phone number and bra size to his ever-increasing list of victims.

Gemini movie star Errol Flynn was long regarded as the black sheep of Hollywood. The phrase 'in like Flynn' was coined as tribute to his ability to score. His real-life adventures, rebellions, and general unruliness rivalled those of the swashbuckling heroes he portrayed. Flynn was married three times and cheated on all of his wives. His first wife, French actress Lily Damita, said, 'You never know when he's telling the truth. He lies for the fun of it.' His life was one of cheerful excess. But, by his late forties, his hurricane-force existence had taken its toll, and he was a burned-out shell of his former, lively self. Flynn died of a heart attack at 50.

Your Twin will probably not be quite as bad, but all Gemini men have a gypsy moth's fatal attraction to a pretty face. Totally faithful Gems do exist, but are rarer than a shy Sagittarius.
In fact, the word 'faithful' has a different meaning to a Gemini man. Think of Gemini Brigham Young, the Mormon founder of Salt Lake, who had 27 wives. I'm sure that, in his mind, Brother Brigham considered himself a devoted and faithful husband. In my mind, he was in Gemini paradise.

Yours will have five hobbies, four careers, and an assortment of friends that resemble a mini-United Nations.
But, his intellectual prowess is limited to his ability to memorise the various versions of Trivial Pursuit and entertaining his friends by tearing you to pieces with his merciless, acerbic tongue. He lives to put down people, and will call you fat ass in public, or snap his fingers at you when his glass is empty. Cold-hearted and calculating, he is a blatant social climber and will propose on the first date if he smells money. As a husband, he is ambivalent. The only thing this guy's passionate about is being entertained.

If you think love means being together at least some of the time, sharing dinner, and watching TV, you had better find yourself a homey Cancer, or a quiet Virgo, and send this horny hound dog packing. Or you could look on the bright side. You may be hysterical and freaked out half the time, but you'll never be bored

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