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September 23-October 22



The dark side of

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall


Air. Libra air produces a constant droninng in your ears. Libra’s idea of rational discussion is that they discuss and you listen rationally. Eventualy, you feel like your head is trapped within a beehive.



Cardinal. Libra is boss backbiter, belitler, and bimbo.


The scales. Off balance. Permanenntly tipped in Libra’s favor. Swings both ways.


Venus, the goddes of plastic surgeons and mirrored ceilings.


Favorite Pastime


Favorite book
how to marry yourself 


Role model


Dream jobs
Devil’s advocate


Key phrase
«on the other hand…» 


Body part
Kidneys, full of gravel from the teeth they grind at night to compensate for all that phony smiling during the day.


'I can resist anything except temptation.' Oscar Wilde (Born October 16) 



He's funny, charismatic, and oozes charm. His sense of style is impeccable and his lively, friendly personality puts him at the top of everyone's A-list. A Libra male is an idealistic dreamer who believes in world peace and fair play. He will take you to the most expensive restaurant in town, declare his adoration in front of the smiling patrons, and drop to one knee to propose. Before you exclaim, 'Yes, my darling,' make sure he's still looking at you. By the time he's slipped the engagement ring on your finger, he will have spotted his next conquest walking towards the bar.

A Libra man is perfectly capable of marrying you on Saturday and starting his next string of affairs on Sunday. He's fickle, inconsistent, and constantly on the prowl. Never mind Aries or Gemini. When it comes to love, the male Libra is as flaky as a used car salesman sniffing out his next sucker deal.

He's shallow. You may start thinking of a future together after a couple of rounds of his polished sexual prowess. However, to him, future is defined as until tomorrow morning, when he'll most likely forget your name before he finishes flossing his dazzling white teeth.

He's superficial. A Libra man prefers beauty to substance and expects to be blindsided by the emotion of perfect love. Oh, you'll hear bells ring, but, after the honeymoon, those harmonious chimes quickly turn to death knells. He doesn't want a real woman who will jar him out of his escapist daydreaming into a world of house payments and crying children. He wants a Barbie doll to cook, clean, and entertain his endless procession of casual friends.


He's not into anger. Pick a fight with him, and you'll get a half-hearted argument. Usually, he will verbally dodge, sidestep, and try to distract you from the original issue with all the nimbleness of a Capricorn skipping out on his alimony payments. Contrary to venting his anger, he will drive you to vent yours.


At best, he's an indecisive bumbler who's so easily distracted that he'll get sidetracked into spending the day at the races with a friend he met in the supermarket while you and the kids wait for dinner. Or he'll come home empty-handed from the paint store because he couldn't decide which shade of green to buy for the hothouse.


At worst, he's king of the lounge lizards. The '70s should be renamed the Decade of Libra Man. Wizened lotharios from this era still have their blue polyester leisure suits, gold chains, pinkie rings, and an original bottle of Hai Karate. The modern versions wear leather vests over bare chests and strut like peachickens down the middle of the dance floor during the band's break, hoping every eye is turned in their direction.


He's a master of double-speak. He's also self-obsessed. Libra Timothy Leary used all of his formidable intelligence and personal magnetism to force the world to agree that his endless quest for a bigger high was actually the key to brave new worlds. When faced with the inevitable opposition, Leary reacted in typical Libra fashion. He devised an entire thought system to detract from his self-indulgence. In his mind, the rest of the world made a terrible error in judgment by not embracing his philosophy. And that issue was more important to his Libra soul than proving that the path to God was sprinkled with LSD and magic mushrooms.


Mr Scales has a give-and-take nature. You give. He takes. He will expect you to flatter his ego, coo as he preens, and help him pick the tie that best matches his eyes as he prepares for a night out with his friends. You, on the other hand, must never depress him with tedious details such as an overdrawn bank account or a leaky roof. Whether his dimpled good looks outweigh his self-serving ego is your decision.



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